When Mohammed Aleryani moved to Rotterdam, he was ready to build a new future. Mohammed Aleryani was graduated as a mechatronics engineer but his true passion is programming. We matched him with Corina. She encouraged her mentee to follow his passion and let him see that, because of this passion, it is possible to find a job in The Netherlands as a programmer. Together they gave his resume a major update, practiced job interviews and worked on his soft skills. And with success: Mohammed Aleryani started an internship in IT!

But Corina & Mohammed Aleryani DUO wasn’t just about looking for work. Equally important was the strong connection the two built with each other.  In 6 months Mohammed Aleryani developed tremendously: “I really felt different after the 6 months with Corina. I have much more self-confidence. I know that I can make mistakes, but that I am also able to fix them.”

Corina also gained an important experience: “Mohammed Aleryani expanded my world by telling me a lot about his cultural background.”