When Shreya came to live in Rotterdam, she was eager to start her career in the Netherlands. In India, 25-year-old Shreya obtained a masters degree in Doctoral Pharmacy, but in the Netherlands this degree was not valued as a masters degree.

Then what? Are you going to study all over again or is it better to look for a job right away? A choice Shreya could use some help with! We matched her with mentor Ella and that turned out to be a good move: Ella and Shreya clicked right from the start. They worked together for six months. Shreya got an internship at La Roche and enrolled for a masters degree at Erasmus University. Her mentor taught her more about the Dutch culture and labour market and she also developed tremendously in other areas: “My mentor taught me a lot. I now know how to express myself and I feel more confident when I speak Dutch. Whenever I had a problem or situation, I could go to Ella.”

Mentor Ella also looks back on a valuable time: “This program made me realize how broad a network is. And that it does not only consist of business contacts. I also learned that leaving something to someone else is not the same as giving up.”